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My Naughty Flatmate
She had the most amazing breasts you could ever imagine. Perfectly rounded, pink C-cups with little hard nipples that...

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My Naughty Flatmate

She had the most amazing breasts you could ever imagine. Perfectly rounded, pink C-cups with little hard nipples that stuck out when she wore thin shirts. I had seen her naked once, I accidently walked in on her when she was showering and I'll never forget it. That image got me wet everytime I had sex, her wet dark hair, her shaven pussy and those gorgeous tits.

I had lived with Mel for three years and in that time we had shared clothes, bills and an insatiable appetite for sex. We had seen men come and go and even shared a few. We had bought sex toys online together, rated the rugby players on TV, questioned whether or not models breasts were real or what people would be like in bed (our favourite being the guy who used to work in the pub round the corner from her work) I knew we talked about us hooking up, usually in front of our boyfriends to either make them horny or jealous - often both - but I never thought it would happen. Until...

It was a Friday night, and was tipping down with rain and Mel had just tottered into the flat after a leaving do at work. I'd taped her into her pulling dress earlier so I knew she was after some. "Where is he then?"
"Huh? Oh Gavin, right, turns out he prefers blondes!" she shrugged.

"Oh I'm sorry" I said quietly, secretly pleased she hadn't brought anyone home. I hadn't got off in about 2 months and the thought of listening to her scream the housedown had been bugging me all evening.
"But there is a surprise for you" she said
"Ah ha, and what is that?"
"You have to wait." she grinned "now, please help me out of this dress Jess, I think I'm a bit pissed."

She wasn't kidding, at that she collapsed on the sofa in a heap. I giggled.
"Bed time!" I giggled at her picking up her arms and walking her towards the bathroom.
I reached across the glass cubicle and turned on the shower and Mel leant against me. She wreaked of cigarettes and her eye make up was smudged but she really still looked amazing. I snapped out of it it and span her round to unhook her dress.

"Shower, teeth, bed. Can you manage from here?" I said as the hooks and eyes popped open and her dress fell open down the back.
"Mel? Can you hear me?"

She was definately hammered. This wasn't the first time I'd had to practically undress her and shove her in the shower to sober and it probably wouldn't be the last.
"You do it then" she said.

I was losing my patience with her, fast. I can't stand it when she's this pissed.
I tugged in anger at her strappless dress and it fell the floor. She was naked. No bra, no knickers, totally naked. Slut.

I was swollen and dripping underneath my skirt as I manovered her into the shower. I needed to get away from her.

As I pulled the door shut and walked into the living room I was fuming. I could never do that, go out wearing nothing. I bet she had had a quickie somewhere as well. I hated her right then, the anger was making my throbbing pussy worse. I needed to sort myself out.

Lying on my bed in the dark I whipped off my thong and parted my legs. I pressed my clit with my fingers and felt the wetness she had caused. I closed my eyes and fingered away. I was tempted to find my rabbit but that would take too long, it would have to be the old-fashioned way tonight. I pictured her breasts, naked before me, those nipples begging to be sucked. My fingers moved faster, dipping in and out, trying to press my g-spot to tip me over. I could see Mel's snatch in my mind, perfect and bare. I imagined it what it would feel like against mine. Faster and faster my fingers went, I was coming...

Suddenly I sat up, something wasn't right, I could feel something else against my clit. I snapped out of my fantasy world to find Mel, with her palm over my pleasure grinning into my face in the darkness.

"Naughty, naughty" she said "you should learn to shut your door"
I was frozen. What was going on here? What was she doing. My heart raced. She moved as I snapped my legs shut and pulled my skirt down.
"Melanie, what the hell?"
She laughed.

"You know, your tits are fantastic" she said unzipping my top "mind if I suck on them?"
I was speechless. Was this real?
She straddled me and exposed my shoulders then unhooked my bra, letting it fall in front of her. As she lent forward, and wrapped her mouth around my already erect nipple, my hips twitched. This couldn't be real.

Her tongue circled my nipple and her hand was tracing down my stomach.
I moved my hands to her hips and pulled down the towel that was wrapped around her. As it fell, her breasts came free, those little nipples I wanked over were hard and dark and just begging to be tweaked. She rasied herself up on her knees as she came away from my breast. Her shaven snatch was there, inches from my face. I reached out with my index finger curled and pressed on her clit. She was wet and swollen, horny and in front of me.
"Is this my surprise?" I asked breathless
"Part of it" she said "Now, I'm going to finger fuck you till you scream, then maybe I'll suck on those tits again"
My mouth fell open as she went down my body, pulled off my skirt and pushed my knees up and my legs apart.

I reached for her head, trying to pull her up. I needed to kiss her. She wouldn't be moved. Her head was already nestling between my thighs, her tongue on my clit and her finger inside me. I was right there on the brink. Ohhh!

"Please" whispered "I want to play with you too."
She stopped for a second and moved quickly, spinning around. As she lowered her pussy over my face she lent forward again to 69 my throbbing cunt. I looked up as my hips bucked and I traced the outline of her lips with my fingers, she moaned as I circled her clit and let out a little scream as I quickly pushed two fingers up inside her.

As we fucked each others holes with our fingers we began to shake. We licked and sucked each others throbbing little buttons until we both screamed and shook at the same time, Mel collapsing on top of me and then rolling by my side.

As I turned round to look at her, my hands slid over those amazing breasts and I kissed her. We both lay breathless in the dark listening to each others heart beats.

We heard the front door latch click open and then shut. Foot steps padded across the hall and the room was flooded with light as the door opened and a huge figure stood in the door way.

I stared at Mel, but she just smiled and said "Jessy, Meet the rest of the surprise!" I smiled back and felt my pussy swell again...

This article was published on Monday 28 April, 2008.
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