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My Lesbian Best Friend
I was in my first year at a university (which in the U.S would make me 18)…I was tired and just had gotten home from...

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My Lesbian Best Friend


I was in my first year at a university (which in the U.S would make me 18)…I was tired and just had gotten home from class. My roommate (and also my bet friend for the past 4 years) had been in the girl called Nicole’s room up the helping her study for a chemistry exam. I flopped down on my bed and opened my laptop computer to check my e-mail. I couldn’t help but look at my room mate (who I had been fantasizing about since I met her). She was gorgeous with shoulder-length black hair, black eyes, a thin hard body and nice small tits. She was Hispanic and absolutely exotic looking. So damn sexy.

Now to give you some background info, I am a lesbian - well maybe bi. I don’t know because at this time I am a virgin. My room mate Isabel is a virgin as well; I don’t know if she is a lesbian as well. But I had always hoped she would be. Back to the story.

Well as I sat checking my e-mail, Isabel approached me with her shirt lifted up exposing her toned stomach. Then she said, “Rachel, you’ve got to smell my tummy. Nicole gave me massage oil that smells like peppermint.”

She walked over to the side of my bed and I leaned my head over to smell her stomach. As I leaned back away from her, she looked me dead in the eye and asked me if I could put some of the oil on her back for her. I said. “Sure,” as she handed me the small bottle of oil.

She quickly removed her shirt and sat down on the end of my bed, with me behind her, her back to me. I opened the bottle and poured some oil into my hands and began rubbing it onto her olive-colored skin slowly, beginning with her shoulders.

She began moaning softly, telling me how great it felt. After I made my way down her back, I began to realize how wet I was becoming. I could feel myself dripping in my pants. And just as I began to think these thoughts, she reached behind her with her arms and unhooked her black bra, now just wearing a pair of tight jeans. She tossed the bra on the floor and turned around on my bed. I didn’t know where to look, as I did not know she likes girls too. I made my way up to look her right in the eye and saw her looking at me too.

My hands, still slimy with oil, reached out for her hand. As I did, she leaned forward and crawled up to me and looked me once more in the eyes…then she kissed me. Four years of passion and lust which had turned into adoration and love, was going between us. She stopped kissing, looked at my reaction, and I leaned in for more.

As our tongues slowly explored one another’s mouths, the new sensation of a sensual kiss was more than I could take. I was dripping wet and I wanted her so badly. I wanted to make her cum and let her bring me over the edge too. Apparently she was thinking the same because she broke the kiss and tugged my shirt over my head. I was now only wearing a white bra and jeans.

I leaned forward as she hunched over me as she removed my shirt off my head, and I slowly caressed her hard nipples, and leaned in to suck on her right tit. She let out a moan that disturbed the silence and startled me. She then proceeded to remove my bra as I watched her intently focused on getting me naked. I can’t ever remember wanting someone as badly as I did her just then. I wondered if her cunt was as dripping wet as mine was, and so I caressed her tits and her stomach with my mouth. I tasted the peppermint of the oil, which made my tongue tingle. And I made my way down to the waist button of her jeans. I glanced into her dark eyes for permission, and unbuttoned her pants and unzippered them. I tugged them down her thighs, exposing a tight, red thong covering her pussy.

She extended her legs as I removed the jeans entirely revealing her long brown legs. She then decided to remove mine as well. She first though leaned over me and suckled my left nipple. I could feel my clit throbbing and I wondered if hers was too. I allowed her to take my pants completely off, revealing black panties of mine which were hiding my intense wetness. She grabbed my tits and massaged them.

All the time I had known her, I had loved her and wondered what it would be like to fuck her so hard that she would scream and moan and arch her back. Now I was about to find out. She pushed my panties over to the side, kissing my stomach as she did, and her finger found its way to my throbbing swollen clit which was aching to be touched.

Now lying down on the bed against a couple of pillows, my hips lifted to meet her hand, as my body begged for more. Then I felt it all stop. She was crawling over the top of me, hunching down to suck on my nipples. My body ached for her. She grinned at me, knowing that she was making me go slowly insane with lust.

I decided it was my turn to take charge. And I grabbed her by her arms and laid her down in my place, and brought myself overtop of her. I kissed her on the lips, feeling her tongue tackle mine with lust, as I made my way down her body…kissing her neck, and then her tits…I could feel her hips wiggling underneath of me. Apparently my own pelvis was taunting them. I could torture her body to. Revenge..ahh…

As I made my way to her stomach, I began to lick a straight line done past her belly button, and to her underwear line. I gently caressed her wet pussy through her panties, and watched as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back, all while bucking her hips up to meet my hand.

I decided I couldn’t wait any longer to have her, and so I pushed her panties aside, and she sat up against the pillows as to get a better angle for me to enter to. I touched her clit which was wet and throbbing to the touch, parted her lips, and made circles around her cunt opening. Her hips continued to wiggle under my touch, and I slowly shoved one finger inside her hole, and she let out a moan that surely was heard by the other girls on our floor. She bit her lip so\\\'s to not allow herself to scream like that again…

I entered a second finger, being careful not to hurt her. She fucked against my fingers, as I allowed my other hand to rub her clit steadily. Then I brought my mouth down to suck on her clit, and she moaned and moaned, and screamed. She fucked my fingers hard and let out the frustration from being teased. I sucked her clit and fucked her with my two fingers as she came all over my hand. Creamy white cum was all over my fingers, and I rubbed it up her stomach, replacing the peppermint smell with her scent. Then I licked up to her tits, taking each in my mouth again, and stuck my finger inside her once more, and touch her clit with my thumb…she came again with a loud moan, but I covered her mouth with mine, and sucked her bottom lip.

I removed my finger and her hips stopped bucking against mine. I ran my hands up her body and began kissing her and telling her how much I loved her. She lay still for a moment as to regain energy and told me that was amazing. Then she told me that it was my turn, but first... she walked over to her dresser drawers and pulled out a green dildo about 6 inches long and a nice width; not too big and not too small.

She hurriedly came over to my bed and removed my panties as I lay on my back waiting for her to fuck me hard. She leaned over me and felt my wetness with her fingers. I was super wet by now and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came. As she kissed me I could feel her moving around getting ready to fuck me good. I felt her finger my throbbing red clit, and the dildo parted my lips…she sucked on my tongue, and then with one thrust, entered my cunt with the green dildo. I turned my head away from her in pleasure and bit my lip as she had, to keep from screaming. I grunted in pleasure as she shoved it in and out of me. She continued to finger my clit and fuck me nice and hard with the dildo. As she leaned over me, her lips caressed my nipples. I bucked my hips up to meet the dildo, as to let it enter even deeper into me.

She removed it completely and then slammed it back inside of me while she fingered my clit and kissed me passionately on the lips, as I came hard and loud. I moaned and ground my cunt against the dildo until it hurt. My body shook as I moaned and sucked at her tongue. When I calmed down, she removed the dildo from me and licked the tip. It was dripping with my creamy juices. Then she began to kiss me again, professing her love for me, all while letting me taste myself and I licked my juices off her lips.

Finally she collapsed in exhaustion on top of me; breast against breast, heart against heart…friend against friend. Four years of sexual frustration had been released and I loved her even more than I ever had. And she loved me. We laid there and fell asleep, her nakedness covering mine. I closed my eyes, finally content, and so very in love.

This article was published on Monday 28 April, 2008.
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