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Double Teamed

It was late on a sat night, and we were all having a great time
partying. There was a group of us that had attended a friends wedding,
and the party was starting to wrap up. There was four of us that had
rented a limo to drive us up to the wedding, and it was supposed to
drive us back down to our homes. We lived pretty far from the place,
and we all wanted to drink that night so we pitched in and rented the
limo. It was me, two of my buddies and a mutual female friend. It was
almost midnight and we began to make our way out of the place. Everyone
was pretty drunk by now, and my two buddies had to carry our female
friend into the limo. They sat across from me in the limo, as I leaned
my head back and dozed off for a few min.

I woke up a few min later, and barely opened my eyes, when I noticed the
girl kissing one of the guys across from me. She we was pretty drunk
and he was running his hands down her back to her ass. I could see that
he was sporting a pretty good hard on. I squinted my eyes, to pretend I
was still sleeping, to see how far this would go. We still had a pretty
long ride in the limo, so I was pretty sure I might be in for a show.

They made out for a few more minutes, and he whispered something in her
ear. She looked down at his pants and noticed the tent that he was
pitching, and smiled at him while beginning to stroke it for him. They
continued kissing as she stroked his cock, and he ran his hands down
his back. After a few minutes of her stroking, he once again whispered
something into his ear, and she looked around and saw that I was
sleeping, and slowly got onto all fours on the seat next to him. He
unzipped his pants, and pulled out his cock. She was so drunk that she
could barely hold herself up.

Slowly, she lowered her mouth onto his cock, and began to bob up and
down on it. he closed his eyes and laid his head back in enjoyment. I
continued to squint, trying my best for them to not see me watching.
This was a great show. While she bobbed up and down, he reached down
and slid both straps of her dress down and pulled the top of her dress
down, causing her tits to hang down for his grabbing pleasure. He
played with her tits as they swayed back and fourth while she sucked on
his cock. He then reached back and pulled the bottom of her dress up
around her waist. I noticed him rubbing her pussy through her panties,
and she didn't even flinch. She just continued to bob up and down. Just
then, the other guy that was with us from the party, was sitting on the
same bench as them, woke up and noticed what was going on. He got a
huge smile on his face as he watched what was taking place.

The guy getting the blowjob, noticed the other dude looking at him, and
motioned him over. He pointed to her pussy, and the other guy began to
slowly pull her panties off. He then began rubbing her pussy, and
slowly inserted a finger inside her pussy and slowly began to finger
fuck her. She just kept on bobbing up and down on the cock in her
mouth. Once her pussy was nice and wet, the second dude began to unzip
his own pants, and quickly dropped them to the floor, followed by his
boxers. He grabbed his now throbbing cock, and lined himself up behind
her. Slowly, he began to insert his cock into her pussy. She hesitated
a little on the first guys cock, but he placed his hands on her head
and began to face fuck her. Meanwhile, the second guy was now pumping
in and out of her pussy, causing her to moan while she sucked on the
cock in her mouth. What a sight I had in front of me. Here she was,
drunk on all fours, getting plowed from behind while sucking a cock
deep inside her throat.

As the second guy pumped her pussy, the first guy stood up in order to
face fuck her. They were both now plowing into her, one in her pussy
and one in her mouth, as the took turns squeezing her tits. Within a
few minutes, I could see that they both had blown their loads inside of
her, as she swallowed the cum being shot into her mouth, and the other
guy grunted as he pumped deep inside of her and then fell back onto the
seat, beginning to get dressed. She quickly sat up and began to fix her
dress while the first guy began getting dressed as well.

I just pretended to sleep and everyone cleaned themselves up, but I sure
had one hell of a show that night...

This article was published on Wednesday 27 February, 2008.
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