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  250ml Super Slik    250ml Super Slik 
Intimate sexual lubricant designed to heighten sexual pleasure. A water based, non staining lubric...[read more]
 4.99   Buy Now  
  Anal Eze Gel    Anal Eze Gel 
High potency formula anal eze desensitizes the applied area with the 7.5% benzocaine smooth slick formu...[read more]
 7.99   Buy Now  
  Anal Lovin    Anal Lovin 
This wonderfully rich lube is designed especially for anal play. It is waterbased, condom friendly and contains soothing Aloe Vera. The tub contains 100ml. Dont go anal loving without Anal Lov...[read more]
 7.99   Buy Now  
  Anal Lube Natural in Pump Dispenser 175ml    Anal Lube Natural in Pump Dispenser 175ml 
Anal Lube Natural in Pump Dispenser 17...[read more]
 11.99   Buy Now  
  Astroglide    Astroglide 
Astroglide was created by Daniel Wray, a former NASA aerospace chemist, while working on the Space Shuttle. After experimenting with nearly 300 different formulas, Astroglide personal lubricant was...[read more]
 9.99   Buy Now  
  Astroglide Glycerine and Paraben Free 2.5oz    Astroglide Glycerine and Paraben Free 2.5oz 
personal lubricant and moisturiser this contains no glycerin or parabe...[read more]
 8.99   Buy Now  
  Astroglide Natural    Astroglide Natural 
[read more]
 13.99   Buy Now  
  Astroglide Sensitive Skin Gel 3oz    Astroglide Sensitive Skin Gel 3oz 
ultra gentle gel lubricant. No alcohol, no glycerin no parabens no fragrance and latex sa...[read more]
 7.99   Buy Now  
  Astroglide Warming Liquid    Astroglide Warming Liquid 
Turn up the heat with Astroglide Warming Liquid, a personal lubricant with a twist. The same smooth feeling as original Astroglide but with a soft, warming sensation. Heat up the passion with Astro...[read more]
 8.99   Buy Now  
  Astroglide X    Astroglide X 
Experience Pure Sexcitement with Astroglides new premium lubricant Astroglide X.This new formula was designed for those who demand high performance products to enhance their love life.Astroglide X ...[read more]
 12.99   Buy Now  
  Before and After Blow Job Spray    Before and After Blow Job Spray 
When you need fresh breath in a flash, these gorgeous breath fresheners are small in size making them ideal for popping in your handbag. Each has a sexy pin up design on the canister meaning they a...[read more]
 3.99   Buy Now  
  China Anal Balm Cream    China Anal Balm Cream 
Anal sex just got better Rub a little of this extra strong 10 percent benzocaine cream into your backdoor rosebud and wait a few seconds. he sweet cherry flavored cream will lightly numb the anal a...[read more]
 10.99   Buy Now  
  Dona by Jo Kissable Body Drizzle    Dona by Jo Kissable Body Drizzle 
Pour on your partner as a topping and enjoy. A tasty treat with superfruit and aphrodisiac infused. Conditions skin while having sexy f...[read more]
 9.99   Buy Now  
  Durex Embrace Pleasure Gels Lubricant    Durex Embrace Pleasure Gels Lubricant 
Durex Embrace brings a new dimension to sex for both you and your partner with 2 sensual pleasure gels subtly crafted with couples in mind. For Me a silky gel with a warming sensation. For You an a...[read more]
 17.99   Buy Now  
  Durex Play Caring    Durex Play Caring 
Durex Play Caring is one silky smooth sensual treat that your body will thank you forIt contains aloe vera, known for its properties in promoting skin health and nourishment and is kind and gentle,...[read more]
 8.99   Buy Now  
  Durex Play Cherry    Durex Play Cherry 
Durex Play Cherry feels smooth, tastes sweet and is deliciously fruity. Use it wherever you like, whenever you like.And because its totally sugar free, its one pleasure thats also guilt free so us...[read more]
 8.99   Buy Now  
  Durex Play Gel    Durex Play Gel 
Durex Play Feel is designed for enhanced pleasure, creating a more sensual experience for both partners.Helps enhance intimacy Light smooth lubricant Nongreasy and odourless Water soluble Safe to u...[read more]
 9.99   Buy Now  
  Durex Play Lube    Durex Play Lube 
Durex Play Massage Gel is a unique 2 in 1 sensual massage gel and lubricant perfect for foreplay and use in intimate areas.Smooth, silky and sensual, Durex Play Massage also contains Vitamin E for ...[read more]
 14.99   Buy Now  
  Durex Play Perfect Glide Silicone Lubricant 50ml    Durex Play Perfect Glide Silicone Lubricant 50ml 
Silicone based lubricant with a 3 times longer lasting effect. Very economical, no additional applying needed. Silky smooth and non sticky. Condom friendly. 50 ...[read more]
 17.99   Buy Now  
  Durex Play Tingle    Durex Play Tingle 
Durex Play Tingleis designed for enhanced pleasure, creating a more sensual experience for both partners.Helps enhance intimacyLight smooth lubricantNongreasy and odourlessWater solubleSafe to use ...[read more]
 7.99   Buy Now  
  Durex Play Warming    Durex Play Warming 
Durex Play Heat lubricant creates a warming sensation that will immediately heighten sensitivity.Warming sensation on contactBlow gently to enhance the warming actionSweet to tasteWater solubleSafe...[read more]
 10.99   Buy Now  
  Durex Sensilube 50ml    Durex Sensilube 50ml 
Durex Sensilube is a unique vaginal moisturiser which supplements the bodys natural moisture.Sensilube acts and feels like your own lubrication, enhancing sexual comfort, confidence and enjoyment. ...[read more]
 6.99   Buy Now  
  Elbow Grease Gel    Elbow Grease Gel 
Elbow Grease Classic Gel was introduced in 1982. The market demanded water based lubricants which could be used with condoms so we created a wonderful thick and viscous gel lubricant. The Classic f...[read more]
 18.99   Buy Now  
  Fisting Gel    Fisting Gel 
For extreme sex you have to be careful so try this lubricant. It will helps you to feel safe and orgas...[read more]
 26.99   Buy Now  
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